Red, crisp leaves, the perfect cloud cover, a beautiful Weeping Willow (my favorite), and this super fun couple made this a session for the books for sure! I was bundled in my winter coat and boots, as it was a very cold end-of-fall day, and I definitely felt an immediate sense of both excitement and sympathy when I saw Kathryn get out of the car in this wine-colored dress because it was so cold...but I always love a pop of color against a light background and these two nailed it!

Kathryn and Carlos are high school sweethearts and are seriously best friends. They were able to make each other--and me--laugh so easily that it made my job easy! They were troopers despite the cold and Carlos rocked every pose! Check out the last photo to see Kathryn and Carlos in their "every-day" attire. Shout out to Kathryn's mom, Marie, for the adorable idea!

xo, Kelly