One cool thing about being a photographer--you get to be part of your best friend's super secret elopement! It's a good thing I only had about four weeks' notice because this was a difficult secret to keep. I had to pretty much avoid all of our other friends until the big day!

Erin and Jeff go way back! Jeff was our friend's older brother and Erin crushed on him all throughout high school. I still remember her excitement--I believe it was our sophomore year--when she called me to tell me all about their first kiss at a Matchbox Twenty concert the previous night. However, that was about the extent of their high school romance and they lost touch for a while following high school.

Fast forward a few years...Jeff serendipidously stopped at Applebee's for dinner one night when Erin just happened to be working her weekly shift. Again, I still remember that same excitement as she described to me how they'd spent time catching up on all the goings-on of life since they'd last seen each other. After that day, they were pretty much inseparable and it was obvious that the time was finally right for them to be together. I'd never seen Erin happier or more sure of anything and when she asked me to be a part of their special day, I was like, "heck ya!"

Erin and Jeff had a very memorable and intimate ceremony by the ocean in Narraganset this past July. It was beautiful and sweet and I'm so happy and honored that I got to be there. Erin and Jeff, I wish you happiness and contentment on this journey that started so long ago at that Matchbox Twenty concert!

Love you guys! <3

"If I fall along the way, pick me up and dust me off..."

~Matchbox Twenty

"And when my smile gets old and faded,

wait around, I'll smile again..."

~Matchbox Twenty